Elder Care

In Need of Elder Care in Dallas?

Specialized Elder Care in DallasProviding elder care for an aging parent, elderly spouse, domestic partner or close friend can be challenging – especially when crisis hits and your whole life is turned upside down as you try to make due juggling your normal responsibilities and caring for a disabled family member. Perhaps your aging parent has fallen, is hospitalized with a broken hip and needs to extra help to ensure they don’t need to go to an elder care home.

Sometimes a family member’s need for elder care can begin as a result of an accident or warning signs that indicate a need for long term elder care. Perhaps your elderly spouse has wandered off and gotten lost several times.

What Exactly is Elder Care?

Elder Care encompasses a wide variety of services that are provided for the senior population. Those services can include rehabilitative services such as physical and/or occupational therapy, skilled nursing care, social services and palliative care. In addition, there is a wide range of supportive care services provided by Lear Senior Care Services in Dallas.

Lear is a non-medical agency, located in beautiful Dallas, TX, providing elder care in the homes of the elderly to assist with all activities of daily living (ADL). Those activities include some or all those tasks which include standby or full assistance with bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, grooming, incontinence care, toileting, mobility, and fall prevention. Lear Senior Care Services can also provide light housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation, along with errands and transportation to appointments, shopping, and social activities as well as comfort and support for clients with cognitive impairment.

Let Lear’s Elder Services Help You

Lear can provide all of these elder care services in your aging parent’s or loved one’s Dallas home and in various types of facilities like retirement homes, assisted living, and nursing homes. We can also provide care in the hospital to give family members who are sitting with an ill loved one giving much-needed care.

At Lear Senior Care Services, we meet with you in person and design a plan of care that addresses your needs or those of your elderly loved one. There is a four-hour minimum on the day that you schedule services, but we do not ask that you sign a contract promising a set number of days or weeks. Scheduling is flexible to meets your needs.

We strive to connect you with a caregiver or caregivers that you can depend and count on to get to know your very special elderly loved one and provide the best possible service tailored to that individual. An office staff member is available after hours and on weekends 24/7 to assist you should an emergency arise.

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