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Signs of Caregiver Burnout

  • July 11, 2017
  • Elder Care

Care-giving can be very rewarding and fulfilling especially when you are caring for a beloved family member or friend, but do not underestimate the amount of work that is involved and the time it takes which can result in caregiver burnout. Maintaining your physical, emotional, and mental health is essential when you are caring for an elderly or disabled loved one.

Often, we take up the task of caring for our loved ones as we and they do not want to go into a nursing home or care facility, however if the well-intentioned caregiver does not take care of themselves and develops health problems or depression the very thing you are trying to avoid can lead to placement in a nursing home.

The following signs of Caregiver Burnout:

Friends and Family express concerns about your well-being

Activities you found enjoyable no longer are

You are experiencing feelings of anger, worry, fear, or sadness

You find yourself at odds with other family members or work colleagues

You are having trouble sleeping, focusing, and keeping to a schedule

You are using alcohol or other substances to cope

You are irritable sometimes at other family members who you perceive as not helping

Your health is suffering and you feel isolated

If some or all of these signs are familiar take a step back and consider getting some help and assistance to cope with your situation. It often helps to talk to a third party such as a counselor, therapist, or clergy member to gain perspective on your situation.

Caregivers can feel that they are the only ones that are able to care for their loved one as a result they don’t ask for help. The excuse is often that they would never accept help from anyone else. The reality is that if you allow yourself to become so rundown the person you are caring for will have no choice but to accept help from others.

Agencies like Lear Senior Care Services can be a great help in circumstances where you are experiencing caregiver burnout. You will not only take care of yourself by accepting help and taking care of yourself and your needs but you will accustom your loved one to another caring and experienced caregiver which will reassure them that they are not solely dependent on you. As the main caregiver, we don’t realize how we can create a dependency that is not healthy for you as the caregiver or the person being cared for. And even if the person being cared for does not have the capacity to understand your need for respite you are still doing them a kindness to set up a caregiver for them to relieve you at a time when there is not an emergency and they can learn to adjust to having someone else help.

At Lear Senior Care Services, we do not require a schedule we can be flexible to suit your needs by being ON-CALL meaning you can set up services  on an as needed basis. We can also arrange to be with your loved one on a regular basis and we are always happy to adjust the schedule to accommodate your needs. Call us at 214-363-1001 to set up a complimentary meeting to discuss your needs.

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