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The Value Of Geriatric Care

The Value Of Geriatric Care

  • February 12, 2018
  • learadmin

Aging presents a special set of circumstances as far as medical care. Most medical students – as high as 97% in the United States have never taken a single course in geriatrics and yet studies show that seniors under the care of a geriatrician experience less time in the hospital, function at a higher level physically and socially and have less depression.

Personally I have witnessed the difference in the clients we care for who use geriatric centers such as The UT Southwestern Center for Geriatric Care here in Dallas. My favorite example is a client who was in his 90’s when we started caring for him. He was on fourteen prescription medications and was not feeling well. He had a stay in the hospital and upon returning home became a patient of the Seniors House Call program through the UT Southwestern Center for Geriatric Care as he was home bound. After his initial assessment by the geriatric physician and the geriatric nurse practitioner his prescription medications were reduced from fourteen to three. They prescribed physical therapy and some life style and diet changes. The change was remarkable. His mood lifted, he slept better, his appetite improved, and he started to enjoy life again. It was a treat to visit with him and listen to him reminisce about what was a very full and interesting life.

My recommendation if you are concerned about a senior loved one and feel that their quality of life could be improved is to consult with a geriatrician. It could be that some changes in medication, lifestyle, and diet, along with some physical therapy or activity could make a positive difference. Check online and see what geriatric centers such as UT Southwestern Center for Geriatric Care have to offer.

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