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A Note Of Caution: Why Consulting With An Elder Law Attorney Is A Good Decision

  • March 12, 2018
  • learadmin

There are times when we are faced with making decisions for our senior loved one quickly. It usually involves an unexpected illness that prohibits our senior from returning to their home right away or possibly not at all.

Should you find yourself in such a situation here is something to think about. Make sure that if you are asked by a care facility to sign on your senior’s behalf that you clarify that you are signing “as guardian for that person and not individually” or “as agent under power of attorney, but not individually.” The Federal Nursing Home Reform Law prohibits a facility that accepts Medicare or Medicaid from requiring another person to guarantee payment, but incidents where a person “voluntarily” signs their own name might commit you to being responsible for payment.

Before such a situation arises it would be wise to consult with an Elder Law Attorney who can assist you in getting all the directives in order for your senior loved one. Even if you have already experienced an unexpected illness or crisis it would be important to contact an Elder Law Attorney to go over the documents you have signed. That consultation could be invaluable and prevent your senior loved one and you form costly mistakes.

Before an emergency arises it might also be wise to sign up with a Personal Assistance Agency like Lear Senior Care Services. Knowing you have a resource to call on that can provide you with the support of a caregiver at a moments notice will give your senior loved one and you the time and space to plan your next move thoughtfully, carefully, and with the appropriate legal advice to move forward comfortably without worry and doubt.

Legal Hotline for Older Texans: 1-800-622-2520